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.org rocked!

Most of the LinuxWorld Expo was, as expected, dry, corporate and, frankly, boring. However, the .org village was bigger, better and buzzing. It was hard work trying to get along between the stands because there were always so many people around, and there always seemed to be enthusiastic chatter about what people were there to big up. I even got caught up in it and ended up chatting away to some guy about Jokosher (see, I do listen at WolvesLUG!), despite not officially being anything to do with it.

Other things of note include being called in to join the Ubuntu logo photos because I happened to be around, free goats, being invited to half a dozen different pubs (three of which turned out to be the same one) and getting to chat to people I hadn’t seen since LUGRadio Live. I also seem to vaguely recall someone suggesting a LUGRadio stand for next year, and me agreeing to be involved.


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Filking Fun

Unlike a number of my friends, I have never had much talent for writing songs.¬†However, occasionally inspiration strikes, and I can¬†filk. In my definition, that means taking a known song and tweaking the words to fit a new situation. After I posted a couple on the LUGRadio forums, the denizens of the related IRC channel kept me busy with suggestions. I’ll not clog this up with copies of them all, but I’m quite chuffed with them and if you’re interested in geek filk, they’re over here.

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