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My husband’s computer, Caladan, was getting a bit old and flaky, so he bought himself a new one, Arrakis. This in and of itself is not a particularly noteworthy or surprising event. However, it was the first major purchase from a supplier specialising in hardware suitable for use with Linux that I’ve had anything to do with, and I am very pleased to announce that I was impressed with every stage of the process.

Firstly, getting in touch with the supplier for a quote was a doddle – they have easy-to-find contact details on their website. Russ got a quote back pretty quickly for a machine to be built to his requirements. He was very happy to note that not only was it less than he expected, it was less than any the other quotes he’d found (Dabs, Ebuyer, etc) for similar spec machines. Add in the fact that OFE “offer hardware guaranteed to operate under the GNU/Linux system” and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that they’d made a sale. Around a week later, a box arrives, and we discover it’s pre-installed with Ubuntu and all ready to go.

So anyone who still thinks that you can’t go and buy a computer with Linux pre-installed for a decent price is wrong, and OpenForEveryone.co.uk proves it. And now I get to cannibalise Caladan for parts…


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She’s big and blue and beautiful and sounds lovely. Here’s hoping she doesn’t get shot, but having magic rocks in her belly could be fun. I should probably mention that Diva is my new car.

And because I have a new car, I need new car insurance. I am, yet again, bowled over by how utterly bad insurance websites are. So I thought I’d try some of these new-fangled meta-search-type quote-machines. I started with confused.com – well if I wasn’t before, I certainly was afterward, especially with it’s lovely self-refreshing page that kept jumping to the top and prevented me from scrolling properly. That bit where it hinted at me being able to set up a few different sets of info (I was thinking variations like who’d be main driver), but then completely failed to have such a function was a nice touch, I thought. Then I moved on to moneysupermarket.com. I have no idea how good this one really is in terms of the forms you have to fill in and so on, because all I could get to was this error message:


Colour me less than impressed. Oh, and Parkers, get your ads sorted. Rolling out on roll over is annoying enough, but please stop them being permanently rolled out over what I’m trying to read.

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